1. Internal Revenue Service
    The Federal taxing authority in the United States

  2. two cents
    Hacking your finances one cent at a time.

  3. Phreesia
    Phreesia is the nation’s leader in patient intake management, which helps doctors electronically keep records that makes tax keeping easier.

  4. Taxation - Federal Law at Wolterskluwerlb.com! Wills, Trusts, Estates Law at Wolterskluwerlb.com!
    Wolterns Kluwer CCH is a premier provider of information and knowledge for tax and legal professionals.

  5. Best Buy's Tax Preparation Software
    Learn About Tax Preparation Software.

  6. FreshBooks
    Cloud accounting

  7. Debt Payoff Calculator
    A useful tool to help calculate debt payoff.

  8. Incorporate a Business for Only $79 at CorpNet® - Get Started with a FREE Business Name Search!
    An online company that assists with incorporating a business

  9. CPAnet
    Community resources and news for accounting professionals

  10. Accounting Web
    AccountingWEB provides accounting news, information, tips, tools, resources and insight--everything you need to help you prosper and enjoy the accounting profession even more!

  11. Extortion Explained
    An excellent explanation of extortion from the common-law to today.

  12. countyoffice.org
    Find your county office

  13. Masters in Account
    Information about a masters degree in accounting
  14. All Accounting Careers
    Information about accounting careers
  15. Accounting Education
    CPA requirements by state.