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  1. Internal Revenue Service
    The Federal taxing authority in the United States

  2. two cents
    Hacking your finances one cent at a time.

  3. Phreesia
    Phreesia is the nation’s leader in patient intake management, which helps doctors electronically keep records that makes tax keeping easier.

  4. Best Buy's Tax Preparation Software
    Learn About Tax Preparation Software.

  5. FreshBooks
    Cloud accounting

  6. Debt Payoff Calculator
    A useful tool to help calculate debt payoff.

  7. Incorporate a Business for Only $79 at CorpNet® - Get Started with a FREE Business Name Search!
    An online company that assists with incorporating a business

  8. CPAnet
    Community resources and news for accounting professionals

  9. Accounting Web
    AccountingWEB provides accounting news, information, tips, tools, resources and insight--everything you need to help you prosper and enjoy the accounting profession even more!

  10. Extortion Explained
    An excellent explanation of extortion from the common-law to today.

    Find your county office

  12. Masters in Account
    Information about a masters degree in accounting
  13. All Accounting Careers
    Information about accounting careers
  14. Accounting Education
    CPA requirements by state.

  15. Bankruptcy Education Education
    Bankruptcy Basics: How To File For Bankruptcy.

  16. Medical Bills Education
    Family Emergency & Unexpected Bills Resources.